Do you want better sheep?

If you do, coming here was a good idea. We have a serious breeding program for Icelandic sheep.

We thoroughly evaluate all of our breeding stock based on important characteristics. Conformation, size, color, wool quality, milkiness, scrapie resistance, temperament, progeny, prolificacy, parasite resistance, and libido. These are broken down into qualities that we looking to strengthen, or are looking to eliminate from our flock. The final result is a overall score that we assign to each. We keep exhaustive records on all the individual sheep in our flock. This gives us precise information on feed conversion, health, allergies, and personality traits that affect their performance, as well as their offspring.

As a warning and disclaimer: Our opinions are just that, opinions, and our practices are working for us, they may not work for you, or your sheep. Be careful when experimenting. A small amount of mums in a sheep's diet may reduce parasites, but too many mums can kill.

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